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Hunting Ban

Written by Super User on . Posted in Bloodsports

from Campaigning to Protect Hunted Animals:
MPs Tony Banks, Ann Widdecombe and Norman Baker have joined together today in support of a new report from anti-hunting campaigners. The document sets out the case for a ban o­n hunting with dogs at a time when the Government is expected to resolve the issue.

'Time to deliver the ban' - produced by Campaigning to Protect Hunted Animals (CPHA) - comes as 250 MPs have put their signatures to an Early Day Motion (EDM) calling for the early reintroduction of the Government's Hunting Bill.

The EDM, tabled by Gerald Kaufman MP and Tony Banks MP, includes signatures from 25 Parliamentary Private Secretaries, and "looks forward to seeing a ban o­n hunting o­n the statute book by the end of this parliamentary session".

At today's report launch Tony Banks MP said: "I am continually amazed that in today's modern and so-called civilised society people still congregate in parts of England and Wales to chase an animal to exhaustion before killing it with dogs. Furthermore they do so in the name of sport and in the knowledge that it is perfectly legal."

In a message Ann Widdecombe MP stated:
"The people of Britain have spoken out in favour of banning it, time and again MPs have voted in favour of banning it, and the Government has repeatedly assured us that the matter will be resolved to our satisfaction. And still we wait. We have heard what everyone has to say, the arguments in favour of a ban have been won. Now we need action, not words. The message to the Government today is clear and simple: there can be no further delays, now is the time to get o­n with the job and ban hunting with dogs."

Speaking at today's event, Norman Baker MP said: "The case for a ban o­n hunting is about more than animal welfare now, it is about the right of the House of Commons, which has voted for a ban o­n countless occasions, to ensure that their will is upheld and that hunting is banned o­nce and for all."

Speaking o­n behalf of the CPHA, Phyllis Campbell-McRae, Director of IFAW UK, reinforced the issue of trust.

"Parliamentary expectation of a ban is higher than ever, reflecting the fact that 76% of the British public think that hunting with dogs should not be legal*," she said. "Tony Blair has pledged to resolve the issue of hunting with dogs within this parliament and we expect to see the Bill reintroduced by the end of the summer session."

The report Time to deliver the ban states that:

- "The Government must act now to reintroduce the bill so that the Parliament Act can apply. Its Commons stages could be completed in just o­ne day before it passes to the Lords where, if it were rejected, it would automatically receive Royal Assent in November 2004."
- "It is morally wrong to cause unnecessary suffering to an animal, especially in the name of sport."
- "Hunting with dogs damages our international reputation as a leading force in animal welfare. Britain is considered hypocritical for promoting good animal welfare throughout the world when it allows hunting with dogs to continue at home."
- "Research carried out in November 2003 shows that 82 percent of the public believe deer hunting should not be legal, 77 percent think hare hunting and coursing should not be legal, and 69 percent think fox hunting should not be legal."

CPHA comprises the League Against Cruel Sports, the RSPCA and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)
*MORI, November 2003

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