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Anti Hunt Campaigners Hound Police

Written by Super User on . Posted in Bloodsports


Members of West Sussex Wildlife Protection have continued with a series of protests against Sussex Police, this time taking a noisy protestcrawley police station 20 feb 2007 protest

Campaigners are angry that police have yet to spend a single minute looking at Sussex hunts for breaches of the Hunting Act 2004. 

Before the ban, Sussex police had the highest level of policing at hunts in the country and at one time 80 officers were on duty each Saturday under "Operation Rook".to Horsham police station, which follows a similar protest at Crawley police station on 20th Feb.

The police were there to prevent disruption of the hunt by spoil sports called hunt saboteurs, and the unbelievable numbers of police were due to the persuasive influence of the landowning community.

Now the ban is in place and despite considerable evidence that some hunts like the Crawley and Horsham hunt are flouting the ban, no police officer has specifically been tasked to see what is going on at the hunts. The landowners appear to have exerted their influence yet again! We have started to have a dialogue with senior officers at Sussex police, but until we see an improvement, we are going to continue to remind Sussex police of their obligations under the law.

The Crawley and Horsham hunt is led by foul-mouthed yobbo, Jamie Hawksfield who runs Equestrian Vision.

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