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Countryside Alliance supporter Guilty of Assaulting Hunt Monitor

Written by Super User on . Posted in Bloodsports

John Paul Ivor Wesley, a Crawley and Horsham hunt supporter was found guilty yesterday (14th Aug 06) at Haywards Heath Magistrates of assaulting a hunt monitor during a meet of the Crawley and Horsham hunt at Spithandle Lane, Wiston, W. Sussex on 10th Dec. 2005. Wesley, who has mumerous previous convictions  will be sentenced at Crawley magistrates on Friday 18th. 
Recently on May 18th, Horsham magistrates gave Wesley 9 points on his licence, £500 in fines, costs and compensation for various driving offences, and he was ordered pay £80 of more than £2000 damage he caused, after he rammed a hunt monitor's minibus off the road.
Wesley, who speaks with an affected New Zealand accent is a typical hunt supporter of one of Britain's nastiest fox hunts, which is led by foul-mouthed woman beater, Jamie Hawksfield, a leading light in the Countryside Alliance, and Kim Richardson, a yob who has instructed supporters to attack those opposed to his hunt. Footnote:
Following the recent conviction of an Exmoor huntsman under the Hunting Act using evidence obtained by monitors, Simon Hart of the Countryside Alliance was quoted in Horse and Hound as saying: ,We have to review completely how hunts approach monitors - the video used in court as evidence was taken out in the open with consent.  And endless harassment by monitors must endm


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