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More violence from Crawley & Horsham as cubbing season starts

Written by Super User on . Posted in Bloodsports

Window smashed by the Crawley & Horsham

Less than one week after the violence at the Blackmore and Sparkmore Vale hunt, you would be thinking that the Countryside Alliance would have advised hunts to keep a low profile. If so it has not sunk into the low intellects of the Crawley & Horsham hunting set.  No sooner had hunt sabs turned up then one of their riders smashed the windscreen of the West Sussex hunt Sabs vehicle with their riding crop, with no provocation.

C&H Hunt Cubbing season September 2014

As there was no indication of any trail being laid hunt sabs proceeded to disrupt what was clearly an illegal hunt taking place, as indicated by the rider’s violent attack.

Sussex police arrived tardy as usual and proceeded to make vague suggestions that it was acceptable for hunters to assault hunt saboteurs if found off the footpath, no arrest were made even following the culprit of the damage being identified.


 Police inaction after Crawley and Horsham hunt violence

The hunt packed up after less than two hours with no kills.

Despite the criminal damage and threats of violence, hunt sabs will continue to attend this hunt who has the most convictions of illegal hunting in the country, something the police should perhaps take into consideration in future policing.

story from www.huntsabs.org.uk , CrueltyExposed will be posting more on this shortly. 

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