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National Day Of Demostrations Against Puppy Farming

Written by Super User on . Posted in Bloodsports

After the successful demos at ports throughout Wales Scotland and the UK several groups are banning together to highlight the increase in the puppy farming industry.


The situation here the UK is now extremely bad with puppy dealers springing up all over the place, selling puppies that have been shipped in from Eire and Wales with no regard for their welfare what so ever, these puppy dealers are making huge amounts of money at the puppies expense shipped in midweek sold over the weekend in papers such as the Friday-Ad to unsuspecting members of the public. A small group of demonstrators had a successful weekend at a puppy dealer’s kennel in the Kent area and will now be doing Demos their o­n a regular basis, several potential customers saw our banners ,took o­n board what we had to say and then turned their cars around and drove off.


We are calling o­n people to do regular peaceful Demos outside of their local puppy dealer or pet shop. Let’s make their potential customers aware of what they are about to purchase. Also let the papers which are advertising these puppies in your area know that it is not good business for them to continue to do so as they are gaining a bad reputation and Demos will be likely. We are asking everyone who cares to do a peaceful a Demo outside there local puppy dealer or pet shop o­n Sat 26 June, lets make this a national day, let your local media know what your doing.

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