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Written by Super User on . Posted in Bloodsports

In order to lead the play-boy lifestyle of hunting three days a week, many hunt supporters cut corners in life, and we estimate that about 20% of all hunt vehicles are untaxed.   Many hunt vehicles are also thought to be running o­n untaxed Red Diesel, which should o­nly be for agricultural use.
In Sept 2000 during a cub hunt in W. Sussex, hunt supporter Martin Maynard drove over hunt saboteur, Steve Christmas at the Old Surrey and Burstow hunt in what was alleged to be an attempt to kill him..  Steve spent four weeks in intensive care with a fractured hip and serious internal injuries.  Maynard's vehicle was untaxed and uninsured, and consequently Steve could not claim o­n Maynard's insurers.  Maynard was o­nly prosecuted for not having tax, MOT or insurance and o­nly received a small fine.
In the following pictures of a quad bike seen o­n a public road, five hunt supporters of the CLC hunt are o­n a vehicle designed for two at Redford, W. Sussex.  No registration plates or tax are o­n display, and a child of about 11 hangs precariously on the front.  This is the son of Steven Charles Tennant (to left of this boy).  This picture was taken during term time Friday 26th March, 04, when the boy might be expected to be at school.  We intend to inform the authorities about the lack of care Tennant shows for his welfare.  Tennant assaulted o­ne of our group (a woman o­n her own) and broke off the eye piece of her video camera when he tried to block her in with his vehicle).  He ran off and was o­nly traced following an expensive police investigation.  He was given a formal police caution and forced to pay £168.00 compensation.
On the back of the vehicle to the right (hiding his face) is Daniel Cherryman (Whipper In to the Quorn hunt)  Cherryman, is the son of Baptist Preacher (and hunt lover), Neville Cherryman, of the Chiddingfold Baptist Church. The skin head cowering o­n the Quad (rear and left) struck o­ne of our group by striking her video camera, and police are being informed.
The other photo shows a typical untaxed hunt vehicle at the CLC hunt: F187RML had a disk o­ne year out of date o­n 17/03/04 at Charlton, W. Sussex.  DVLC were informed.

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